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Services We Offer

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Staffing Solutions

General Staffing- We understand periodic nature of business with business unpredictability where temporary staffing is need of an hour. We offer our clients flexibility for their workforce requirements through innovative models

Permanent Recruitment- As per the growing market trend we ensure to have workforce skills on demand to match the right candidate with defined roles in interest of client as well as candidate.

Professional Staffing- As a corporate partner to clients, we provide qualified professionals to enhance the client’s human capital and thereby we help individuals optimize their career choices. 

Recruitment Process Outsourcing- We ensure to manage the entire, or parts of the recruitment processes of an organization by taking charge of entire recruitment or just parts of your value chain. We provide sourcing, screening, assessment administration, interview coordination, selection, pre-employment checks & verification, offer administration, on-boarding, new hire care, and exit interviews.

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HR Solutions

Payroll Outsourcing- Let us take care of your backend jobs where you can work hassle free by concentrating on your core business. We are here to help you save your time, money and compliance headaches thereby giving access to latest technology trends avoiding penalties and mistakes.

Manpower Outsourcing- It can help your business simplify and accelerate the operations of your enterprise. We take responsibility for your planned activity and provide you with entire segment of services.



To ensure timely and efficient statutory compliance in your organization, the following aspects must be in place:

Unrestricted access to local and regional expertise

Expert support during all audits and inspections

Following ethical practices

Knowledge of timelines for adherence to the many laws and regulations

Updated documents and data in a centralized location, and which are readily available


Shops and Commercial Establishments Act (S&E)
 The Employees Provident Funds and Miscellaneous Provision Act - 1952 (EPF)
 The Employees State Insurance Corporation Act - 1948 (ESIC)
 The Professional Tax Act (PT)
 The Labour Welfare Fund Act (LWF)
 The Contract Labour (Regulation & Abolition) Act - 1970 (CLRA)
 The Minimum Wages Act-1948
 The Payment of Wages Act-1936
 The Payment of Bonus Act-1965
 The Maternity Benefit Act-1961
 The Payment of Gratuity Act-1972
 The Equal Remuneration Act-1976
 The Industrial Establishment (N&FH) ACT
 Employees Compensation ACT-1923
 Factories ACT, 1948

Meeting Room

HR Audits

I-9 audit
Policy or handbook audit
Compliance audit
Functional audit
Wage and hour practices audit
Exemption audit
Job description audit
Safety audit
Hiring process audit
Training and development audit
Compensation and benefits audit

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